Erik Isberg

Digital strategist with focus on tech & impact

Senior strategist in digital marketing and product lead growth who enjoys working with different types of organizations, startups, corporations and NGO's.


Companies I have worked for in the past.


> Head of Growth

Vaam is the screen recording tool that streamlines communication at work, school and virtual social groups. Going beyond inefficient meetings, long emails and inconvenient phone calls, we create interactive and personalised video messages.


> Head of Growth

And so came the day when i got to join an impact startup with the goal to make it easy for everyone to get access to products that's good for you and the planet. As Head of Growth my job is to optimize our organisation and find new ways to connect with our community!


Maniola Studios
> Growth Strategist

Holy bananas Batman - I´m a business developer! Maniola Studios exists to future proofing organisations so they can handle what´s gonna happen in the next 1/5/10 years. Our main focus is digitizing organizations and develop their offer to reflect the needs of their customers today and tomorrow.


Prime Weber Shandwick
> Digital Strategist

Well, the hard work paid of. Prime is awarded as one of the most creative agencies, on the planet! As a digital strategist i do things like building websites, create social media strategies and apply cool ”hype-words” like growth hacking, conversion and transformation in client meetings.


Diös Fastigheter
> Marketing manager

Diös is one of Swedens biggest real estate companies, with major holdings in 10 swedish cities. An opportunity to step up to a new level of responsibility.


Psst! Do you need help?
I also do a bit of consulting

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I’m a growth strategist with a big love for all things nerdy. A big passion for working with social impact to build world improving ideas. I do that by working with brave people that embraces the experimental mindset that is needed for large scale growth & innovation.

E-Commerce & Website production

Shopify, WooCommerce, Webflow and a bunch of other platforms. Building and optimizing is such big fun!

Performance Marketing & Automations

The numbers doesn't lie! Performance marketing, email-loops and other fun tools are in my wheelhouse!

Product Led Growth

Funnels are old school, let's build loops!

Project Management & Digital Strategy

Winter is coming, let's lay it all out and plan a strategy!

Case #1
Nordic Angels

Interim Product Owner and PM

As interim Product Owner for Nordic Angels, I got to wear a lot of hats (metaphorically, of course). From identifying and implementing product improvements to streamlining processes, we were on a mission to accelerate the rate of investing in startup and tech. Drawing on my experience in the startup ecosystem and my background in product management, I helped make the platform more user-friendly, like a warm and fuzzy blanket on a cold winter's night. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the startup ecosystem. Cheers to angel investors, one investment at a time!

Case #2

Build and optimize ecommerce

Johan "Matgeek" Hedberg is an influencer with a passion for food. He wanted to share the unique flavors of the world with everyone, but didn't have a way to do so. That's when I stepped in to help.

Using my knowledge and skills in ecommerce solutions, I worked with Johan to set up an online shop using Shopify. Together, we created a user-friendly website that showcased the delicious treats he had to offer.

Case #3
Norrsken Foundation

Growth strategy

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Case #4

Growth strategy and marketing

Are you ready to hear about the time I helped a fintech startup go from a trickle to a tidal wave of online success? As a growth strategist, I was thrilled to work with Treyd and help them optimize their website for maximum conversion.

But that wasn't all – I also rolled up my sleeves and dove into their CRM workflows, streamlining their processes to ensure they were working as efficiently as possible. And what's a successful website without a little bit of advertising? I created and ran ads on social media and Google to bring even more eyeballs to Treyd's offerings.

The result? Treyd's online presence exploded, and they saw a massive uptick in conversion rates. I may not have a superhero cape, but I sure felt like one after working with Treyd!

Case #5

Design and build website

In the end, we delivered a website that not only met, but exceeded the UNHCR's expectations. The site has received widespread praise from both the client and the public, and has already raised significant funds for the Bidi Bidi refugee camp.

Not only did we need to create a site that looked great and functioned flawlessly, but we also needed to ensure that it effectively communicated the urgency of the situation and inspired visitors to take action.

Norrsken Foundation



Konsten att vara

David Kringlund

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