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I´ve have tried to collect the different news outlets, tips, tools and newsletters that i use every week. Too try to keep up with the rapid changes on the platforms. Ideas and strategies from the industry leading profiles working in the digital space. And some really great tools to help out with the daily struggle.

English newsletters

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Swedish newsletters

Beteendebrevet är ett nyhetsbrev från oss på Beteendelabbet som varje månad innehåller det bästa av det bästa inom nudging, beteendedesign och beteendeförändring.

Digitala spaningar i din mail varje vecka.

Ligg steget före dina konkurrenter.


The commercialisation of the internet, the spread of mobile telephony, and many other related digital technologies have dramatically changed our world. Even though this revolution has been going on for over twenty years, most of us are still trying to understand what it means for marketing.

A paper, aimed at measurement experts, which highlights three of the biggest challenges around measuring the brand and sales impact of marketing:

- Incrementality: proving cause and effect
- Measuring the long term, today
- Unified methods: a ‘theory of everything


A free library of psychological principles and examples for inspiration to enhance the customer experience and connect with your users.